30 by 90

 1. No Frills Mama
 2. Rough 'n Tumble Man
 3. The Man In My Dreams
 4. 30 by 90
 5. Harmonica Girl
 6. Time And Money
 7. You Make Me Feel Like Singing
 8. Got Nobody To Love
 9. The Way That You Walk Tall
10. I Got It All From You

A New Orleans rhythm & blues, classic blues and originals band fronted by the dynamic Paul Rangell. She delivers lots of hot sax and harp as she tears the house down. "Rangell is a fine instrumentalist and more importantly, an effective vocalist who has her timing and delivery down... Fans of good New Orleans bar bands...will enjoy this one." -Living Blues Magazine. "As the elder statesman of Southern R&B enter their twilight years, Paula Rangell is waiting to receive the torch - and she's limbered up and ready." -Blueprint. The old adage says "good things come to those who wait." Now celebrating 25 years in the biz, Rangell's chops and husky voice seal the deal on "30 By 90".