Louisiana Bride

1.  Louisiana Bride
2.  Play To Win
3.  Hell and High Water
4.  Everything I Need
5.  Benny's Bar
6.  That's Why They Call It Living
7.  It Don't Get Neaux Mo' Louisiana Than That
8.  Your Love Means More To Me
9.  My Country Man
10. Quiet Country Night

The multi-talented Paula Rangell returns on vocals, alto sax & harmonica with Cranston Clements playing guitar, Elvin Killerbee on guitar also, Doug Therrian on bass, Allyn Robinson working the drums, Jerry Jumonville blowing tenor sax, Ward Smith on baritone sax and Barney Floyd playing the trumpet. That New Orleans flavor is evident in the mix as Paula continues to demonstrate why her blues deserve wider recognition. In support, the above mentioned musicians lend some sterling solos and in-the-pocket support. Of course, it's Miss Rangell who sets the stage with her earthy vocals, smokin' sax, and that fine harmonica (tellin' it's own story). A good CD to add.